About Machin Shin

About Machin Shin

Postby msadmin » Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:18 pm

The name Machin Shin comes from the book series “Wheel of Time”. Machin Shin means the Black Wind and anything that came in contact with the wind could not escape its power.

Machin Shin has been a guild on the Zul’Jin server since November of 2004. We have strong ties to the community and much history as a guild that has stood the test of time. Despite changes in leadership through the years we are still the same guild that formed back in November of 2004, making us the oldest guild on Zul’Jin.

Machin Shin is a semi-hardcore raiding guild based on the principles of friendship, loyalty, commitment, and high quality game play. Our focus is endgame content while having fun together. We take raiding seriously, but also want to enjoy the time. We expect our raiders to show up on time and prepared with a progression attitude!


Guild Master: This person is responsible for the overall management of the guild and delegating duties among the raiders/officers.

Officer: The officers will help run the guild in areas like raid organization, recruitment, drama resolution, handling guild supplies, maintaining rules/site, ect. This position is not a permanent position; a guild member can be promoted to an Officer position based on the guilds current needs.

Core Raider: These are raiders that in one way or another has proven themselves as great players as well as reliable. We know we can count on them to attend all our raids and perform well. They have extra perks such as first priority into raids and free repairs throughout the week.

Raider: Raiders are members that have passed their trial period in the guild and have shown some skill. They receive some guild repairs, flasks, enchants and have invite priority over casual members.

Member: These are members of Machin Shin who elect not to raid. This rank is open to friends and family members of our raider as well as our retired raiders who still want to be a part of our family. They get to wear the Machin Shin name and tabard but do not receive the same perks that our raiders do, such as repairs and bank access.

Applicant: This spot is held for our new members. It is a chance for us to get to know you and vice versa. We will be watching your performance and attitude. Being accepted as an Applicant does not guarantee a promotion to Casual or Raider; a player must earn the promotion. Promotion to Raider is at the discretion of the Officers as well as removal from the guild. Trial Members do not receive the perks a raider would, but do get invites to raids based on the content and raid makeup that night.
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