Crafting a ilvl 705 - 715 gear or weapons/shields

Crafting a ilvl 705 - 715 gear or weapons/shields

Postby Marakgreat » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:26 pm

First, acquire Primal Spirit(s) through garrison missions and gathering in your level 3 garrison, as well as through a materials trader located inside the entrance to your town hall, or in another player's garrison. This is a convenient way to acquire Primal Spirits 25 at a time. You can also buy materials on the Auction House and exchange them for Primal Spirits. For each 25 Primal Spirit(s) you can trade with the Primal Spirit trader for one Savage Blood. The Primal Spirit trader is located outside your Town Hall in your garrison, just to the left of the entrance to the Town Hall.

Primal Spirits will help you acquire the Savage Bloods you need for your crafting at no direct cost to you. For each 705-715 item you craft, you will need 45 Savage Bloods.

Each of these 705-715 ilvl pieces require 45 sorcerous air, water, earth, or fire, and then 90 sorcerous air, water, earth, or fire for the final upgrades to the item.

Finally, 90 Felblight will be needed to craft your final level 5 and level 6 upgrades to your gear. When combined with the required sorcerous element, and crafting materials necessary for your upgrades, Felblight completes the crafting process. Felblight is easiest obtained from the Auction House at market prices, but can also be obtained through the gathering professions such as mining, skinning, or herbing in Tanaan Jungle zone ONLY. Purchasing Felblight in bulk will save you time and gold.

So, for example, to craft a shield for yourself or someone else, first you must have the basic raw material used in Blacksmithing for the metal, which is Truesteel Ingots. Creating the base item without upgrades takes 100 Truesteel Ingots, along with 20 Blackrock Ore and 20 True Iron Ore. Using an anvil, these three components are shaped into a shield by the Blacksmith. When finished the shield is Ilvl 630.

To upgrade this shield to 705, you will need 5 upgrades, consisting of three (3) Steelforged Essence, one (1) Mighty Steelforged Essence, and one (1) Savage Steelforged Essence. The upgrade is applied by right clicking on the upgrade, and left clicking on the target item you want to apply the upgrade to. Crafting a Steelforged Essence takes 70 Truesteel Ingots, 15 Savage Blood, and 15 Sorcerous Earth, combined using an anvil. You will need three of them to upgrade the shield to ilvl 675. Crafting a Mighty Steelforged Essence takes 175 Truesteel Ingots, 30 Felblight, and 30 Sorcerous Air, combined using an anvil. Finally, crafting a Savage Steelforged Essence to upgrade the shield from ilvl 690 to ilvl 705 will take 350 Truesteel Ingots, 60 Felblight, and 60 Sorcerous Air, combined using an anvil.

Don't forget to repair the shield before you equip or sell!
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Re: Crafting a ilvl 705 - 715 gear or weapons/shields

Postby Aciphex » Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:40 am

Marak you rock! Thanks a ton for taking the time to get this typed up. I'll let you know when I get some funds flowing :).

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Re: Crafting a ilvl 705 - 715 gear or weapons/shields

Postby Geemjoo » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:20 pm

Just to add to this, remember Felblight is usually a guaranteed drop from Doom Lord Kazzak every week at about 5-10 per kill average and it gives you 1000 apexis crystals as a bonus which can be used to buy at least one of your weekly exta roll tokens.
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