Application from draco91

Application from draco91

Postby draco91 » Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:26 pm

Character Name: adonna
Class: Paladin
Race: Draenei
Primary Spec: dps
Secondary Spec: prot
Realm: zul'jin
Main? Yes

Age: 23
Location: missouri

Meet Requirements? Yes
Read Guild Rules? Yes
Available? Yes
Mumble? Yes
Microphone? Yes
DBM? Yes


Previous Guilds
Starfish luvs You still in good standing with the gm talk to him from time to time he will vouch for me and it was a soclie guild Hand of the Dawnstill in good standing with them it was a family ran guild still hang with the gm and play halo some times with him

Raiding History
well i first started playing at the end of bc but my first guild was called flyingninjamonkeysofdoom then when wrath came me and a few friends made are own 10 man guild and we raided all of wrath then cata hit and i saw less and less of them till they just stoped playing so i become a solo player and puged 10mans in cata then mop come out and i just stuck to the lfrs and have been looking for a good raiding guild sench then

Meters this was from lfr run after the boss died

/played Time 302days0hours24mins85sec

Single Target Rotation

Maintain these buffs at all times.

Seal of Truth
DPS Priority:
Execute this priority for optimal DPS.

Templar's Verdict with >= 5 Holy Power.
Hammer of Wrath when target is below 35% Health or with Avenging Wrath.
Crusader Strike to build Holy Power.
Judgment to build Holy Power.
Exorcism to build Holy Power.
Divine Storm with Empowered Divine Storm proc.
The Retribution Paladin rotation involves building and spending Holy Power. Build Holy Power with Hammer of Wrath, Crusader Strike, Exorcism, and Judgment. Spend Holy Power on Templar's Verdict. Prioritize Holy Power builders over Templar's Verdict unless you have 5 Holy Power. Also, watch for procs that reset the cooldown on Exorcism and use those procs immediately. Next, use Divine Storm with Empowered Divine Storm procs before your next Holy Power consuming ability. Finally, add Hammer of Wrath to the rotation when your target is below 35% Health.

AoE Rotation

Seal of Righteousness

Divine Storm to spend Holy Power.
Hammer of the Righteous to build Holy Power.
Judgment and Exorcism to build Holy Power.
The Retributio Paladin AoE rotation is very similar to the single target rotation with two exceptions. With <= 4 targets, you should continue with the single target rotation but use Divine Storm as your Holy Power spender in the place of Templar's Verdict. At > 4 targets, you should use Hammer of the Righteous as your primary Holy Power generator. However, Judgment and Exorcism may still be used to build Holy Power if Hammer of the Righteous is on cooldown and you do not have enough Holy Power to cast Divine Storm.

Websites and fatboss guides and for addons BigWigs Bossmods Deadly Boss Mods OmniCC GTFO OmniBar (InterruptBar for WoD) GridStatusRaidDebuff2 GridStatusDungeonRole GridSkada Damage Meter or recount hermes oh and elvui but i keep my addons off but turn them on when i raid

Do you know any current Machin Shin players?
no but i had a small talk with the gm

Hope to get out of the guild
i believe you guys can help me get back in to the raiding sceen and what i hope to get out of you is a chance to raid once again

What can you offer Machin Shin
to do my best in every raid and that im a friendly player and keep my head down when need be and follow rules.

How Soon this week or next week

no just i hope to hear back from you soon
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Re: Application from draco91

Postby Lunesta » Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:31 am

Thank you for applying. Please contact me, Lucis, or Carl in game. Spoke with you in game a few minutes ago as well. :)

Lune :P
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