Application from cmbtmdec

Application from cmbtmdec

Postby cmbtmdec » Wed May 06, 2015 6:20 pm

Character Name: Virastrassa
Class: Warlock
Race: Human
Primary Spec: Destruction
Secondary Spec: Affliction
Realm: Zuljin
Main? No

Age: 32
Location: Seattle

Meet Requirements? Yes
Read Guild Rules? Yes
Available? Yes
Mumble? Yes
Microphone? Yes
DBM? Yes


Previous Guilds
Previous guilds: Hero left because there were not enough active players for a heroics group.
This is a fairly new character that I started at the prepatch for WoD. Not really a lot of time to be in any guilds other than the one i was in.

Raiding History
Raiding history is as follows while current content:
New Naxx-10 Full clear. DPS and Tank
ICC-10 Full clear. DPS, Healer, Tank
SoO-LFR Full clear. DPS
Highmaul-LFR Full clear. DPS
Highmaul-10 4/7 DPS and Tank
BRF-10 8/10
BRF-H10 2/10


/played Time Total. 11D 14H 46M At level: 5D 11H 8M

Single Target boss. Dark Soul, Conflagrate x2, Immolate, Incinerate x6, Conflagrate, Incinerate x3, Dark Soul, Chaos Bolt x3. Then repeat keeping Immolate up and using one charge of Dark Soul to fill embers faster with Incinerate then dump Chaos bolt with Dark Soul.Shadow Burn when target is 20% or below. Currently have a Haste use trinket I use before the Dark Soul before the Chaos Bolts.
For multi target i use Havoc on the lesser priority target, Then Dark Soul and Chaos Bolts on the primary target.
On trash Build up to 2 Embers then use fire and brimstone and Immolate is kept up and spam Incinerate and keep Rain of Fire up.

Icy Veins. WoW Logs

Do you know any current Machin Shin players?
None at current time.

Hope to get out of the guild
I hope to find others who have like interests in game and skills. I hope to learn to play my class(s) better and learn from others mistakes and strengths.

What can you offer Machin Shin
I am fairly adaptable to new raid situations. I am also on a lot. I have a lot of time into raiding and PVE. I also would like to bring over other characters i have or to level them. I do not really have a main. I try to play everything. Both a strength and weakness.

How Soon I am currently not at the 670-675 Ilevel for gear yet. I am currently at 658. The WoW Logs are very current. Only a couple hours old. All with 658 I level. When i reach where i need to be to raid gear wise i would like to start raiding as soon as i can.

I do not like jumping guilds. I also do not like guilds where there is hardly anyone active. I am not the most social, but am not against it. I just need to have a good topic present. I am retired so i have a lot of time. I am a disabled veteran so about the only thing i have is Dr. Appointments. I would like to find a guild i can learn from and to help people out. My goal would be to better myself and be able to anticipate all of the mechanics. I also greatly miss the large talent trees.
2 additional logs FlameBender Kromog
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Re: Application from cmbtmdec

Postby Lunesta » Wed May 06, 2015 8:42 pm

Hey there!

Thank you so much for your app, and your service! We have a few military members (retired and active here).

**Look guildies, the illusive lock, they're not exinct!**

Look forward to talk with you more. Everything looks in order. Please contact me, Lucis, Aciphex, or CarlDouglas!

Lune :P
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