Application from k1ngeddie

Application from k1ngeddie

Postby k1ngeddie » Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:19 pm

Character Name: Gurtrud
Class: Paladin
Race: Dwarf
Primary Spec: prot
Secondary Spec: ret
Realm: zul'jin
Main? Yes

Age: 33
Location: BROOKLYN, NY

Meet Requirements? Yes
Read Guild Rules? Yes
Available? Yes
Mumble? Yes
Microphone? Yes
DBM? Yes


Previous Guilds
Well back in cata I had a mage in this guild named jillow I enjoyed raiding with you guys but I left guild to play with my wife on her server I took about a year away from the game and came back to this server. I am not sure if anyone remembers my mage in the guild but I do remember a few names

Raiding History
Well my 1st toon in wow was a warr(prot) back on bc launch all the to the end of wotlk full cleared everything even lk before the nerf. so I wanted to try something new so mained a mage same raiding exp as my warr to Mop when again found my calling in tanking I enjoy it a lot and now main a prot pally


/played Time on this toon 80 days 9 hours

well on single target its aven shield judgement C.strike S of R ,with multiple targets its almost most the same with a few aoe effects aven Shield,holy wrath consecration HOTR, light's hammer

use a few noxxic , icy just to name a few

Do you know any current Machin Shin players?
i knew a few from back in the day not sure if they still play lunesta, sal cant remember anyone else

Hope to get out of the guild
make the game enjoy able again for me and help rebuild my passion for the game

What can you offer Machin Shin
I am a hard working player if they need me to fix something I am doing wrong I will read up on it and fix it . fast learning and a great teammate . and will switch roles if needed

How Soon with in the next two weeks or when needed


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Re: Application from k1ngeddie

Postby Lunesta » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:10 am

Hey Gurt!

Thank you for applying. Wanted to ask a few questions. Is this the warlock Peannut? The name has been tossed into chat a few times and I was curious.

We can always use a tank, won't lie on that point. However, with that being said, we have no issues inviting you, but at this time we are unsure of our raid schedule as we are mixing it up to give ourselves a break from HFC each night. You will need to work on your own gear OUTSIDE and independently from guild to join us for raiding.

Plesse feel free to message me anytime. If you want to go ahead and join the guild while you work on your gear, please message myself, Inkdragon or Lucis for an invite!

Lune :P
Guild Leader
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Re: Application from k1ngeddie

Postby k1ngeddie » Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:44 pm

I did not have a lock named pea I no him tho I had a fire mage named jillow. I am fine with gearing up on my own .
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